Celebrating Our Shtetl!

DJJ’s Founding Supporters

In 2015, at our Hanukkah Festival of Rights, we launched a founding supporters campaign to secure the future of DJJ.  We wanted to not only raise funds, but also to grow our sense that we’re a community who believes in this work - we wanted people to really feel like they are a part of our shtetl, our village

Well, we not only surpassed our goals and raised $36,367, we also raised over 250 donors who gave to our cause, not to mention the countless others who shared our videos, asked their friends and families to give, and spread the word about the work we’ve done and hope to do

We wanted to permanently celebrate those folks who showed up for our shtetl on the internet - because we couldn’t have done it without your generous support.


Engines ($5,000 and above) 

Patti Aaron

Roslyn Schindler

Harriet and Alvin Saperstein

Joan Binkow

Mary Ellen and Harold Gurewitz

Margot Seigle

Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit



Batteries  ($1,000-$4,999)

Carolyn Tisdale

Blair Nosan

Elias David Curiel

Marcia and Marty Baum

Noah T. Winer

Andrew Levin & Mary Freeman

Rebecca Ennen

The Lutz-Gamalski Family

Hillel Gray and Cathy Bowers

Lisa Lis

Mary Lou Zieve

Alex Weissman

Randie Levin



Axels ($360-$999)

Ellen Sheiner

Barry and Ann Waldman

Steven A. Lewis

Helen Katz

David Goodman

Rabbi Alana Alpert and Dr. Justin Sledge

Jo Robin Davis



Throttles ($180-$359)

Rabbi Ariana Silverman and Justin Long

Rabbi Nancy Kreimer

Barry & Rochelle Rubin

Rabbi Rachel G. Meyer

Bruce & Debbie Powell

Shana Weaver

Rabbi David Fainsilber

Sharon Finch

Elana Fox

Rabbi Sheila Weinberg

Emily Friedberg

Rabbi Becky Silverstein

I. William Cohen

Stosh Cotler

Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue

Peggy Heine Klein

Lori Miller

Colin Packard

Diane Orley

Gabriel Slabosky

Rabbi Mark Miller

Mark and Nancy Nelson

Nora Feldhusen

Syma & Lou Echeandia

Merrill and Gregg Alpert



Ignitions ($72-$179)

Aaren Alpert

Rachel Lerman

Alix Gould-Werth

Randy Kafka

Amit Weitzer

Riana Good

Andrea Falik

Russ Agdern

Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari

Samuel Molnar & Kim Siegel

Becca Weaver

Sarah Bracha Gershuny

Ben Hurmak

Cantor Darcie & Jeffrey Sharlein

Brian Schaefer

Sheldon & Sheila Kohn

Chloe Zelkha

Sophie Kasimow

Darya Mattes

Sue Salinger

David Elsila

Susan Sheiner

David Hecker

Susannah Goodman

David Segal

Zahara Zahav

Deborah Kraus

Noam Kimelman

Dolores Galea

Darius Sivin

Eliza Parad

Jacob Ehrlich

Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg

Rachel Rudman

Emily Feder

Andrea Hodos

Gary Snyder

Barbara Harvey

Gideon Aronoff

Carole Caplan

Harry Reisig

Deborah Dash Moore

Idit Klein

Edna Freier

Ilya Oshman

Ellen Chute

Jackson Koeppel

Howard Weiss

Rabbi Jeffrey Falick

Jessica Robinson

Jennifer McKernan

Joanna Ware

Jimmy Taber

Joel Lutz

Judy Kushner-DeGroot

Julia Schlozman

Karen Strichartz

Howard Lutz

Lane Levine

Laura and Martin Kohn

Lauren Spokane

Melinda Saulson

Lee Schottenfels

Reginald Turner

Leon Puttler

Rabbi Avi and Robert Killip

Linda Yellin

Steve Tobocman and Sharon Dolente

Mark Schneyer

Steve and Miriam Wolock

Max Socol

Todd Nelson

Megan Goldman

Zachary Rosen & Shira Heisler

Merrill Zack

Barbara and Mitch Blum-Alexander

Michael Evers

Dan and Debra Pelton-Levy

Monica Gomery

Mark and Marcia Goldsmith Kamin

Nancy Logue

Rachel Neis & Daphna Strousma

Nathan DeGroot

Marc Rosen

Rabbi Neil Blumofe

Wendy and Elliot Wagenheim

Noah Purcell

Rabbi Seth Wax

Penny Rosenwasser

Rabbi Laura Geller

Ben Falik

Moshe Werthan

Christine Peck

Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute

Micah Shapiro

Mark Hurvitz

Danielle Klein

Rena and Jeff Basch

Jason A. Kass


We have made every effort to properly list our Founding Supporters.  If you believe your name was inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please contact us at eleanor@detroitjewsforjustice.org that we may correct the listing on our web page.

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