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commented on Contact Us 2019-01-30 20:32:18 -0500
Hi there….can you tell me what happened to my monthly donation? I’m doing my taxes now and don’t see anything since Feb….first I want to finish my taxes, but second, I didn’t mean to stop supporting you! So please, can you send me a year end donation summary and then I’ll start up the donation if it indeed has stopped.

It was through paypal.


Deb Kraus

PS Hi Alana!

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We will not stand idly by while the administration escalates its attacks on Muslims, Arabs, refugees and immigrants. We pledge to show up: in the streets, at the airport, in our decision-makers’ offices and inboxes. Compelled by Jewish values, history and self-interest, we commit to the struggle against white supremacy and bigotry in all its forms.

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